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Millstone Engineering, P.C. has worked with homeowners, developers, municipalities, federal entities and global manufacturers.  Below is a sampling of our business relationships.

"The staff at Millstone is filled with the kind of hands-on professionals that builders and developers can work with.  From residential sites to commercial, Millstone staff have helped design, permit and build many of my most successful projects over the years.  Whether its solving a challenging Site-Civil Design or simply answering a technical question, Millstone is always there when I need them and always has the right the answer.  I wouldn't be as successful as I am without matching the quality of my work with quality partners.  Millstone gives me what I need, when I need it and at an honest price.  That's what I demand of my engineer and that's what I get from Millstone."

Kenneth P. Schwartz, President & Founder - K&R Construction, Inc.

New Life

Worship Center


Gardners Wharf

New England Wireless and Steam Museum



Cedar Crest

Nursing Center

Town of Cumberland, RI

Smithfield Peat


Brewer Saconnett


LeCesse Development Corporation

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