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The many components of Civil Engineering 



Commercial developments require Site / Civil consulting services, whether its a single lot development or an industrial subdivision.  Working with design partners, clients and attorneys, the engineer plays an important role with expertise in all facets of the design & permitting requirements.

Millstone has provided expert testimony at public hearings for Planning Boards, Zoning Boards, Town Councils as well as many  other public boards assisting in the permitting process of various commercial and industrial projects.


Residential development includes everything from single family lots to subdivisions to large multifamily developments.  Civil Engineers play an important role in design as well as obtaining the state and local permits required for development.  

Whether a luxury condominium or an affordable housing complex is proposed, the staff at Millstone works closely with clients to create the most economical residential design and guides the proposal through the many layers of permitting.



From commercial marinas to residential docks, municipal boat ramps and coastal land developments, Millstone has extensive experience in marine permitting.  The staff at Millstone has built relationships with the state and local officials that regulate the permit process and possess the know-how to achieve your coastal development goals.


Land Surveying is the basis for all engineering services.  Land Surveyors determine property boundaries, provide base mapping, subdivide property, perform construction layout and create supporting documents crucial for obtaining real estate financing.  


Freshwater wetlands are an important natural resource that play a crucial role in water quality, flood control and wildlife habitat of our region.  They can also impact your development significantly if they are in close proximity to your project. 

Millstone Engineering provides designs that protect natural resources and and control stormwater runoff while meeting the required design elements of state and federal regulators like.  Our designs utilize best management practices (BMPs) to minimize impacts on protected resources while offering clients manageable site designs. 


The staff at Millstone Engineering possess unsurpassed knowledge and experience with septic design and permitting.  Our septic systems are designed to use modern technology and the latest techniques to meet strict compliance standards while being cost effective for our clients.  

Septic systems are often referred to as:

  * Cesspools

  * Septic tanks

  * Leach field​s

  * Individual Sewage Disposal Systems (ISDS)

  * Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS)


Whether a new system or a modification to an existing one, Millstone has the expertise to assist you with your project.

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